First Choice Community Medical Services keeps you at home. Medicare requires our patients be “homebound,” this allows us to visit the patient where they are most comfortable, in their home. Although “homebound” sounds like a harsh term, it just means that it must be a taxing effort for our patients to go to a traditional PCP office. To become a patient of First Choice, if your loved one is able to leave their home, it should require the assistance of others. It will not effect eligibility to become a patient of our practice if your loved one enjoys going out to lunch with family or getting their hair done at their favorite salon, as long as they cannot safely and independently go out.

We check insurance for every patient that fills out our paperwork before we accept a patient. This is because we do not want our patients to receive unseemly bills, we do care about making sure we are not putting our patients in a financially unstable situation. Because of how we are credentialed, our patients generally have PPO insurance plans.

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Please call if you have any questions about who we can accept as a patient.
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