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First choice community is a fabulous team of nurse practitioners. I have been working closely with this practice for 4 years. Tracy Ramos, NP exemplifies knowledge and understanding for our seniors' needs. The First Choice team works as a fabulous resource for families, health care providers and residents. Families look forward to speaking with their nurse practitioner, and my seniors have autonomy and choice in their health care decisions. The time spent with every resident is phenomenal, it's based on their understanding and comfort level. It only makes sense that the nurses that work for Tracy Ramos, NP would also carry her mission & values. I can't say enough about Tracy and her team. They are highly competent and professional Nurse Practitioners. – Heidi Isidro, Resident Care Specialist to a Benchmark Senior Living facility

I have personally witnessed Marie Lord’s compelling integrity, her response time to our nursing staff, her ability to quickly diagnose with utmost confidence, and her compassion with our residents. It’s truly an honor to work with someone so dedicated and talented as Marie. Thank you. – Dale, Director of Community Relations to a Benchmark Senior Living facility

For more than 2 years my mother, Charlotte, received excellent specialized medical care under the supervision of Tracy Ramos. My mother, my family, and I respected and trusted Tracy's judgment and care. I truly believe, my mother's life was extended and enriched by Tracy's loving care and expertise. In her final moments, Tracy was there to make sure my mother left this world with privacy and dignity. My family and I will be forever grateful to her. – Nancy, Daughter of FCCMS Patient

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for stopping in to see Peter over at the hospice in Haverhill. It truly made his day to know that you cared enough to take the time to stop in and spend some time with him. Lord only knows what the immediate future will hold for him, but I cannot believe the calmness that he maintains as he looks death in the eye. I'm sure that you also saw the peace that he is in. I wish that I knew exactly what motivates him, as I would like to bottle it for myself for whenever the time comes. I thank you for all that you did for Peter in the short time that you cared for him. He felt so comfortable with you and Fran, and that made it comforting to me and my wife also. Thank you again, and hopefully we will cross paths again sometime soon. – Bob, Son of FCCMS Patient

Hi Tracy and Team, you all cared for my mom, Frances. The care you provided her was the best care she ever had. I have been thinking about what a difference you made, not only in my mom's life, but her family's. I do not know if you have a need for any additional nursing staff, but I would not only be interested, but also honored if the need is there. Thank you all again, sincerely. – Denise, Daughter of FCCMS Patient

We are so very pleased with Tracy and her very thorough and compassionate care of our mother, Evelyn. Tracy really is a one-in-a-million NP! And I haven't even met with her yet. We are also pleased with the excellent level of communication we receive from your company. Thank you all for your high quality service. We are so very happy that we found you! – Lisa, Daughter of FCCMS Patient

Stephanie Ponte has been my parents' Nurse Practitioner for the past 3 years – ever since they moved to MA into an Assisted Living Facility. She is amazing, the care and attention she has given my parents is without a doubt far superior than I could have ever imagined. I trust her completely – she goes above and beyond to make sure that their medical and emotional needs are taken care of. She treats them with the utmost respect – and is always available to answer any questions. She is truly someone you can trust. – Karen, Daughter of FCCMS Patients

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at First Choice Community Medical Services since 2014. I first heard about them from the daughter of one of our residents in our assisted living community who raved about Tracy Ramos. After working with Tracy for just a short while, we quickly understood what all the buzz was about. Tracy quickly became an invaluable partner in caring for our residents. After having such a positive experience with FCCMS, we began recommending them to some of our other communities, and found that every nurse practitioner on their team was amazing! Their communication with our nurses, care team, residents and their families is impeccable. Their attention to detail and follow up is second to none. I’ve recommended them to hundreds of residents over the years, and have always received positive feedback from residents and families. Their office support staff is always timely in communications and happy to help. The caring, compassionate and skilled team at FCCMS is one that I confidently recommend to anyone looking for superior care for their elderly loved ones, including my own family. – Meredith Ware, Director of Community Relations to a Benchmark Senior Living Facility

This Primary Care Office is extremely responsive and shows great compassion for their patients. I felt very cared for, and that my elderly father was respected and cared for in a difficult time by Tracy and her staff. – Madeline, Daughter of FCCMS Patient

For three years my mother benefited from the specialized care of Tracy Ramos. During that time she received unparalleled attention from a truly compassionate and energetic professional. Tracy possesses the unique ability to provide expert, individualized care, cloaked in respect, dignity, and understanding for her patients’ needs. Her communication skills provided a partnership between herself, my mother, and our family — truly unique in today’s medical setting. There is no doubt that my mother’s quality of life was enhanced because of Tracy’s expertise, kindness, and dedication. – Cindy, Daughter of FCCMS Patient

Mom passed peacefully around 4 am this morning. Thank you for the wonderful care you provided. You are the first medical provider she truly trusted and helped her to be able to enjoy the last 2 years of her life, to live to the fullest function possible. We are so grateful. – Sheryll, Daughter of FCCMS Patient

Dear Stephanie, Thanks to you my mother’s mental pain will soon be under control and she will no longer feel the need to lash out or die in order to be “heard.” You listened to my family and did the job you were trained to do, with excellence. My mother is at Holy Family Hospital as you planned and will be getting a full neurological assessment, diagnosis of type of dementia (thought to likely be Lewy Body,) and will be sent to a psychiatric unit to stay in-patient, see a geriatric psychiatrist, get the proper medication for her type of dementia and be stabilized on a medication chosen before being sent back into a community setting… You should be lauded for the kindness and care you showed my mother, even though it was late and past office hours. You did a compassionate thing and deserve the sacred title you hold as a Nurse Practitioner. Your mother would be proud, hugs to you, – Donna, Daughter of FCCMS Patient

My mom was lucky to have Janine and Tracy in her corner. Janine’s advocacy and coordination with Mom’s cardiologist and her assisted living facility was fabulous. Her responsiveness on weekends was tremendous! Please know that she made a difference. I’m sure she does and that’s why she stays in this line of work. – Catherine, Daughter of FCCMS Patient

Janine, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the care and love that you gave to my dear aunt in the short time that you knew her! You truly put her at ease and made her passing more comfortable. – Sam, Nephew of FCCMS Patient